07 March 2010

Soon to be 100 Posts #4

So...four things that I love.

#1 Nature. I love walking in forests, climbing high mountains, closing my eyes and relaxing in the sun, and swimming. I love wading in the ocean, crossing streams, bathing in lakes. I love feeling the wind at the top of a mountain, seeing for miles, the sea to one side, the hills to the other. I LOVE the sun on my back as I climb, or swim, or just stroll.

#2 People. I love friends, I love family. I love people even though at the same time I hate them. People are such amazing creatures; we love and laugh and hurt and heal. I love talking to people, I love that sense of not needing to talk, because everyone understands what is being said silently in our thoughts. Even though I am morbidly shy (I think...well I pretty much know) and may come off as snobbish or rude, I really do...LOVE people.

#3 Now for a more normal love...hazelnuts! I love hazelnuts. I love the nut, I love hazelnut biscuits, I love hazelnut yoghurt (hah, and you thought it didn't exist), I love hazelnut...well anything. And I didn't know until today, and I have never tried them, but I am sure I will LOVE chocolate covered hazelnuts!

#4 I love my kitty. Actually I love all cats, but my own cat is obviously closest to my heart...Mini, you are the sweetest little kitty and I LOVE you!

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