21 February 2011

English, Mid-Term, and Kate Bush

I started a post more than a week ago but never got around to finishing it. Last week I was doing mock exams which were stupidly stressful considering they are mocks for an exam that is comparatively unimportant in itself. English was our first exam and we had two and a half hours for paper one (which took me two hours twenty-five minutes) and two hours for paper two.
It was long but not particularly difficult. Despite the fact that I am good at English, I don't really like it. It's mostly the structure of the classes and the material we are forced to ingest that is unfavourable but luckily (to the best of my knowledge) the teacher feels similarly. Irish secondary school teachers have to teach us for the exams, not for the sake of education.

Last time I was at the library the librarian (who is extremely nice) offered me this biography of Kate Bush, which I ended up getting. Seeing the futility of reading it if I had never heard her music, I have been listening to her songs this weekend. MM likes her and has one of her CDs which is cool for me. I like 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Army Dreamers' but she has sung lots of songs. I get the impression I'm still only skimming the surface.

Although I'm only in the first chapter of the book so far her life sounds really interesting and her childhood home - a 350 year old farmhouse in London - the stuff of dreams. Another interesting thing was that her childhood friends were surprised that she grew into such a phenomenon as they really didn't see it coming at all, which seems almost unbelievable but I do often wonder what my friends will become and with most I am uncertain.

The sound of her songs does sort of remind me of the film Sweeney Todd though.


Laura said...

Hi, Maybe this is helpful too. A documentary called 'Come back Kate' made by Dutch documentary makers about her fans, still fascinated by her even though she's out of the public eye for a long time. Here's the link to youtube, just 5 minutes though. I'm sure you can find the full version somewhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xtmW3NhVbw

Aoife.Troxel said...

Hey thanks Laura!

PonyGirl said...

you should try "Hounds of Love". I discovered Kate Bush back in america. My mom used to laugh so hard cause i tried to sing along with the headphones on. hee hee! Imagine Wuthering Heights sung by a ten year old with no sense of tune and headphones over her ears. Then imagine me as that ten year old. I think a "Holy Crap!" is in order!