25 February 2011

Cavan Crystal Competition and Google Calendar

I've been trying to keep track of upcoming competitions etcetera for my writing, and this week I have managed to send out a piece or two.
I decided to use Google calendar to keep tack of all the deadlines as I don't have a calendar in my room any more. Only today I found out that it emails you on the day of the deadline (which I have in the calendar as events). Quite cool and useful. I like it a lot so far as it is easy to scroll through the months as opposed to a physical calendar that you would have to flip through. It is also much less hassle when seeing a competition online to just click over to Google calendar as opposed to running into the other room, finding a pen...
It will soon be time for the Cavan Crystal/Windows Publications 19th National Student Poetry Competition. What a mouthful. Last year I was short-listed or long-listed or something; it was all very confusing. (Edit: June 20 2011) This year I was highly commended (again, I suppose). There were over 1400 entries and I came in the top 80, which means about the top six percent.
The link is there is you are living in Ireland and under eighteen. Last year there was an adult competition but I guess that isn't on this year. The deadline is March 31st (put in 32nd there for a minute).


Mimi and Tilly said...

Congratulations on being short/long-listed last year, and good luck this time around. You must work so hard on your writing. I had no idea you entered so many competitions, the online calendar sounds like a winner. I totally admire you for being so committed to your writing. As for Steve Finnell, I only came across his blog today when he invited me to follow him. Have you come across him before? I have no idea if it's a totally random selection process or if he thinks people need saving. Makes me smile thinking about it though! Hope you're haivng a wonderful day. Em xx

PonyGirl said...

Hey Hun!! Good luck in the competition! Hey if we north get short/long-listed we could go together. That would be so awesome! Totally toaded!!:)