04 September 2010

Until the Ropes Break

Once upon a time, there was chaos. There is no trying to control chaos. The important thing is recognising chaos as a good thing. Leave the little things to blow in the breeze and tie the important things down one by one. But don't grieve if you miss one, because the others are still there.
I am not an organised person. I am a person who plans and prepares and then decides to watch television instead.

I can try to do everything and have it all fall down. Or I can try to do some things that are important to me and keep juggling to save the world.
So I am going to do some things. I am going to do every single piece of work I am assigned in school instead of leaving some for last-minute rushing. I am going to keep blogging, mainly on the weekends. I am going to write. I am not going stop watching television, because I enjoy it. I am not going to spend all my time doing work or blogging or dossing.

Today I spent the morning reading blogs I had missed during the week due to homework and going to bed earlier. I spent three hours and had only read posts that were posted a day ago. Now I will do like other people and read posts that look interesting, that I might comment on, instead of all of them.
I felt bad that I could not read some people's posts (most of the ones I read I commented on but not all) but I am only catering to my own limitations.

Expect to see me lurking at the edge of the spider's web, where I can travel the strands to anywhere but cannot get tangled.
Also expect to see either a load of posts published today or pre-scheduled throughout the week for last week's memes (I fully maintain better late than never).
Thank you.

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