13 September 2010

The Passing

You went out on the darkest night, a tiny candle all you had for light. And if you met the devil, he didn't let on. How I wished you had stayed inside.

He shuffled the sails of a thousand ships, and sank them one by one. Then he laughed a loud laugh, hummed a jig, and it had begun.

"Play with me here, where shadows are feared, it's only a little game! I roll, you roll, whoever rolls most...Wins! Wins! Wins! The loser, if you, dies a horrible death, but if me, you are free. Sound fair? I will roll first, look at that! Double six with the flick of a wrist. Shall you tie me, or shall you die by my hand?"

Dare you even choose knowing so well you could lose? One roll of the dice and you daren't think twice, for the man with the knife knows you gamble your life and the women three watch like banshees, just waiting for the snip of the yarn.
And there you sit still, undecided, the dice cold and cracked in your hand.White moonshine illuminates the truth of your fate and your body leans lopsided.You are covered in the yarn of a thousand years and still they sit and spin.

Just roll the damned dice, it's only your life!
Remember, you still could win.

One Single Impression


Eye-shuh said...

interesting. .

Mama Zen said...

Very cool!

The Write Girl said...

What a creative story...it reads like an old fable. I love the showdown between the two characters and the description of the devil. Nicely written here.

gautami tripathy said...

So good..

I watch while the mountains crumble

Sar@h said...

Nice intriguing photo …

"Remember, you still could win."

I would like believe … but with our crazy governement, I'm desperate …