05 September 2010

New Friends and a Martello

Sometimes things just feel right. Moving here was one of them. Often I have had occasion to think that this just could have been the worst decision ever made. But sometimes things just...fall into place...and I know it was meant to be.
Like yesterday for instance.

We were planning to go see an old Martello Tower nearby (here is a little side story, feel free to skip ahead...We saw the red dot for Martello Tower on our Ordnance Survey map, they are the most amazing maps, and if you ever need a great, detailed map of a portion of Ireland, do get one of the OSI maps, they are genius. A bit about Martello Towers; Inspired by a round fortress on Mortella Point, in Corsica. The British copied the design but got the name wrong. Fifty Martello towers were built around Ireland, with most on the East coast near Dublin and seven in Cork.)
MM and DD fell asleep (!!), and when DD woke up, it was after six and he didn't seem inclined to going. I, originally neutral to the idea, now really wanted to go toady, NOW. MM woke up (cough) and we decided to go (yay!).
There we thought we were acting spontaneously, but...
We found it okay, first going too far and getting directions from someone. We saw two people standing taking photos and we left them to themselves.

Martello towers have a raised entrance normally and this was no different. DD climbed the ropes (left by local teens presumably) and reported there was really nothing inside, not even stairs to the top :(
I decided later to try my hand at climbing them and was standing there with DD when their dog came around the tower, so I quickly untangled myself from the rope.
They said hi, we said hi.
The they asked where we were from.
DD said where we lived...
But originally?
They had lived in Boston but had moved here a few years ago.
We just clicked.
They had decided just the day before that they needed to find a good computer person to help them.
DD is great at computers.
She is a photographer, me too.
He and MM have things in common.
It was like it was pre-destined.
If MM and DD hadn't fallen asleep...
If we hadn't gone becuase it was late...
If we had given up when we took the wrong road...
If we hadn't been standing by the tower when they left and said hello...
He was able to tell us there was a staircase inside the walls of the tower to get to the top.

Sometimes thing are right, and this was one of them.
These things that reassure me it was the best decision to move here.

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