03 June 2010

Theme Thursday: White

a diamond held up to the light is worthless
inflated to something special, precious
the real diamond is what comes from it
from facets that catch and release it
light that is every colour, any colour, but no colour
sprayed like the grotesque homicide of a faerie
across a surface that becomes three dimensional
with the the waves of light; violet, red, and clover
that caress the shores of chipped paint and peeling wallpaper
land in a cove where light bounces off tiles and chrome
and all in your kitchen, no renovation required
to make a palace worthy of you

I forgot it was Thursday today! oops! I planned to schedule this post a few days ago, but forgot. This week felt strange; Monday felt like Friday, and so did yesterday. I don't know what today feels like...Tuesday?:)


Brian Miller said...

thats a nice rainbow you created...smiles.

Baino said...

It's pissing down in Sydney so a little rainbow is a welcome respite

Katherine said...

Time is like that sometimes!! I love your rainbow poem ... very nice!