20 June 2010

Status and Haiku

I'm very happy to say that I'm almost recovered from being ill, MM has gotten worse but is also on the mend, and DD seems to be showing the first signs of illness.
I spent yesterday at a workshop. MM and I got up early and spent the better part of three hours driving to it. Luckily we listened to a very singalongable CD by the Wolfe Tones, so got through it okay.
We saw two very beautiful fields covered in golden flowers and a tiny train carrying peat with a manually operated barrier gate (complete with an operator no less).
The workshop was pretty cool. There were twenty there. It had already started when I arrived, so I snuck in the door and crept to the last available seat right at the front.
My favourite part was the group story. Each person said a line to as she pointed to them, not at all in order, so you never knew who was going to get chosen next. No one seemed to get that stuck for a sentence either.

This is one of the things I wrote while at the workshop:

across the highway
animal migration failed
red, raw, flat bodies

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