02 June 2010

And....I'm back!

Firstly, I haven't been blogging for five or so days, because of my Summer Exams (that's my excuse anyways). But I meant the title more like a "I'm coming back to myself."
Recently, all my posts have been fiction, but, while it's brilliant and all, that doesn't really say anything about me, just that I write good (only kidding, write well). I was reading over my previous posts, like from August 2009, and I was thinking, you know what, I really like my voice. I like to read my own writing! As a reader.
That's just a bit weird for me.
I was at a party on Saturday last, lots of writers and musicians which was great. Anyways, it was suggested that I do book reviews on the blog, because people like other people's opinions about stuff before they buy it.
I thought I dunnno, meh... Then I thought it over again, and I thought hmmmm, nice idea. Then I thought, well...I don't buy all that many new books (none). Then I thought, well who cares, right? It's my blog, and I am in charge, and I say I like the idea.
And since I already had a book review....

EDIT: MM has informed me that technically it's not my blog, it's our blog. "But you know, Aoife, if you want it that way, I'll just crawl in a corner and die back off."
Okay okay, so it's not my blog. Make it yours too MM; post something enlightening or entertaining :P

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