13 May 2010

Theme Thursday: Mystery...Suzanne

Who is she,
who glides with elegant grace
across the floor, dressed in lace?
Who is she who dips and sways
at gentlemen and ladies' maids?
"Oh, why is she here, where we frequent?"
Ladies cry in outraged lament.
All eyes follow her across the room
She is exotic, erotic, with spicy perfume.
Her eyes twinkle and wink behind a mask
every available, unavailable, man wants to ask:
"Will you dance? Let me offer my hand.
Isn't this song just marvellously grand?"

The ladies have their suspicions
these dances will come with conditions
a night spent together, a wedding in three
two weeks later, no money,
a hasty goodbye, and she's free.
Her curves are prominent,
elegance dominant,
no doubt there! but they know
her femininity is all just a show
sure enough when they mob her outside,
she acts like she's got elephants to hide.
Besides her intentions,
this impromptu intervention
reveals her true gender.
Hidden in splendour,
she looked very slender
on closer inspection she surrenders,
her beautiful curves and doe-like eyes
are a disguise!
to hide his true identity
a new crafted enity
made an appearance tonight.
the first of the drag queens, a new breed of man,
gentlemen blushed at the woman "Suzanne"
the men who had wanted to ask "her" to dance
cursed their eyesight and wished they had seen him in pants.
This embarrassment will not go away, not ever, not today
and Suzanne is gone with his sizeable pay
the ladies can't help smirking and cracking a grin
"The men are red-faced, clock it up as a win."

Theme Thursday, where interpretations run amok.


Brian Miller said...

oh my...you caught me hook line and sinker...red faced indeed...ha.

happy tt!

Kris said...

A typical Friday night around these parts!

Ronda Laveen said...

...erotic, exotic, with spicy perfume..."

Ah, yes, and I agree with Kris. Being a few hundred miles from San Francisco, this is a common scene.

Jingle said...

full of wonders.

Leslie said...

Coming from SF - I still didn't catch it. Those words were manipulative just like Suzanne

Tammy said...

Wow! Loved it. I pictured old world dances, with fans and laces. Nice twist.