11 May 2010

Tales on Tuesday...Speed Racing

I laughed along with the grinding gears. The car was jolting along the small road. I took my hands off the wheel.
I drove with my knees, giggling every time I narrowly missed a bush or rounded a sharp curve.
The car leaped over hills like a stallion. It shuddered with every breath I took
I shouted wildly, raising my arm out the window.
A tree branch hit my arm. I heard a sharp sound. My arm burned with pain. I swore under my breath, then out loud.
I twisted my head to examine my arm, which was hanging listlessly out the window.
The car heaved with impact. I remembered too late the seatbelt I was sitting on.`My body rose into the air, and I felt the car turning around me. I closed my eyes.
When I opened them, I was staring into the face of a dead dog. His eyes were foamy, and between his teeth my shirt was clamped tightly. The wreck of my car was a few yards away.
I relaxed into the sound of sirens.

This is a Tales on Tuesday post.

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