04 May 2010

Tales on Tuesday...Leave it to Beaver

a big lake where once a river
forest dowsed in water up to its knees
ground mammals bloated and float away dead
and birds of the trees stay in the leaves
down where the lake begins, a dam
carefully moulded and patted and stuck
with mud and gook and gloop and glop
and the lake begins at the dam,
the animals cry because of the dam
and one looks for praise, for he built it
"Away! away!", the animals cry at him,
then sigh 'Leave it to beaver...'

This is a Tales on Tuesday post. 


Grandma said...

What a fine and different take on this theme. Beautiful.

My Tuesday Tale

sheri... said...

ah, now this was cute...and it actually surprised me with your witty ending!

California Girl said...

cute and extremely well written

(and I don't even know what the criteria is)