21 July 2010

Wordpress, and a Photography Blog

I said I failed miserably at making a wordpress blog, but...

It was a lie!

I did not fail, and I am now extremely proud with the result, and no longer find wordpress daunting (Yes, daunting. I know...)

I made a photography blog, here. The posts start on July 01 (yes, I back-posted them), and are scheduled to post one a day right up through September 26. Talk about a whole day's work (I had to "watermark" them too)!

Anyway, I have no plans to change this blog to wordpress, I was just trying it out. But I like it, so I now have a link to my photography blog on my sidebar. Yay!

Here is a photo to celebrate:


PonyGirl said...

well well well.... aren't we the artist. i had no idea you were into photography. well, i guess with all the hiking you have to do something while your out there. personally, not a big fan of the whole natural wondering myself, comes from my mother. she doesn't like walking at any slight incline. hee hee. anyway, love the pictures, especially the donkey, he rocks!!!

Aoife.Troxel said...

I guess I've always been the photographer in my family, ever since we got that first camera that I could manage. I loved Polaroid, though we never had one. Film and a primitive webcam at first. Then finally a family digital camera, and now my own personal digital camera. I don't know why I like to take photos, I guess to capture beauty in small moments in an eternal way. Even sometimes if I don't want to take photos, my parents ask me too. Sort of an evolution I suppose.
I never want to be a professional. I have so many other ambitions, photography has never seriously been one. I enjoy it, but I fail to see the draw like I can see in architecture and writing.

PonyGirl said...

i know exactly what you mean. except that i can't choose between my pulls. i want to write a novel, i want to be a vet, i want to paint and create art, i want to design buildings, clothing, computer games, and at some point i wanted to be an astronaunt (not actually as long ago as you may think). lucky im only young or all my ambitions would really mix me up. im hoping it will all sort itself out with time!