20 July 2010

Politicians; The Reveal, and One Writer, and It's all About ME

Hello World, this is not just another wordpress blog. I have tried and failed miserably, to set up a wordpress blog, just to see...
No, I am not disloyal blogger, but how will anyone respect my opinion* that you are the greatest if I haven't even tried others?
Ah, I will stick to blogger for the moment. Until I set up my own, far superior website that will make you wish you had never heard the name...um...Aoife's Far Superior Website. So there.
Websites come with fame you know. I just need more fame, and I'll have half a dozen top-class website designers knocking on the virtual door...
Seriously though, I'm happy with my blog. Every once in a blue moon, I give her a facelift, sometimes go so far as to botox it up and make drastic changes involving complicating simple tasks. But at some point, I will move to the big city (yes, pun intended...did you get the pun?) and upgrade to within an inch of her life, and the simple Two Writer's Daily will become something like Only Mine So There. Not that she isn't already mine (squatters' rights people)...beautiful roundabout way of encouraging MM to post, no?
So, you ask, why the rambling seemingly-worthless drivel? I shall take pleasure in informing you, my drivel is of the high-class variety, and wouldn't be caught dead on a less worthy blog (or a more worthy one for that matter). But, that is not the point. The point here is to introduce you to my friend while keeping the entire post still about me.
Her pseudonym is PonyGirl and she can be found here at The Travelling Circus Notebook. I happen to enjoy her blog (it is still in the starting posts, so no character judging), and so will you. So. Will. You.
There now, see how this is still about me? Oh, you don't. Here is how; I personally endorse The Travelling Circus Notebook, and I am brilliant, therefore...You follow?
Okay, here is an example of PonyGirl's thinking...it's about politicians. We all love them, but what are they really up to behind the scenes? Let me set the scene...there is a long line of people...Their purpose is to open a pickle jar. The following scene could be fictional, but it might be...non-fictional.

The first guy tries opening it, but he can't do it. he hands it to the next guy in line, and the next guy's all like, "You're such a fool," until he realises he can't onpen it either. so the next guy tries, and he's sneaky about it. he tries using a knife, or hitting of a table edge. But that doesn't work either. The next guy in line seems like he's almost got it open, and just when your tummy's rumbling with the idea of a pickle, he takes his hand away and there's a giant blister on his palm. He's no good either. The next guy secretly manages to open the jar, and steals a pickle while no one's looking, then reseals the lid and it's all hush hush. Then all the guys in line start arguing about the best way to open the jar, shouting at one another, and basically forgetting about the jars actual presence all together. And all we can do is watch these men fighting over the pickle jar, hoping against hope that one of these ejiits in line can open the blessed thing cause by now we've finished our hamburger, chips and are moving on to the jello.

There you have it people. Politicians; The Reveal. Scared? You should be. Now go visit TheTravelling Circus Notebook.

 *Opinion about blogger's greatness is subject to change under torture, spilt-second-before-the-apocalypse mind change, and no-reason-at-all annoyance.


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

PonyGirl said...

hey hun, thanx for endorsing me! i feel all special and fuzzy inside!

Aoife.Troxel said...

@Steve: Thank you for the offer. I am curious though...why?
Also, I am content with my spirituality and find no comfort in the Bible, but I can see how others are different.

@Ponygirl: Anytime.

PonyGirl said...

too true! spirituality can be found in much more then bread and wine. my mom says if we find something that cools the stress of the rest of the world, something that calms us, makes us feel content with the way we are and what lies beyond us, whether we accept the unknown or firmly believe in an afterlife, then thats all we ever really need. organised religion is nice to bring people together, but not nessicary.