02 January 2010


It's January already, and never have I felt like I have so much free time or so many things to do!
I have to (okay okay, WANT to) write a short story (though I do have a poem I could use) for a magazine for the fifteenth, and I haven't even checked the competitions lately, so I don't know if I'm missing out on anything, which is good (busy wise) but also not good (missed opportunity wise).
And I feel pressured to post (pressure of my own making, mind you), because I haven't posted since the seventeenth (I think) of December! Last year!
And I feel unprepared to go back to school (though I had no homework or such), as though I have forgotten something...
Another one of my irrational fears: that I'll be the only person arriving at school because I forgot the right day we were coming back. (Along with my other fear of being hit by an invisible car while crossing a seemingly empty road...you never know, it could happen!)

Note: Though all previous (wonderful) photographs were taken by me (except of course for the one at Cuisle, in which I was the subject), this lovely one was taken by MM, so good job.

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