10 January 2010

Birds: A Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Birds are sort of generic.

Bird: it flies, it has two legs each with three little talons, it has feathers, it is so high and so big (holds out hands sufficient distance apart), it has wings, etc. etc.

Well, today I witnessed a very funny exchange between three different types (and sizes) of bird.
It is a common fact (here anyway) that the birds (mostly starlings) eat our cat's food when we leave it outside. They land down and fight and squawk and squeak and eat all the food so the cat can't have any.
Well today there was food outside (actually MM had given in and thrown some uncooked porridge out for them) and birds were swooping down to eat it.
One rather large, really round and speckled bird was circling the dish (of porridge) protectively, though not even (seemingly) interested in its contents.
He dashed at another bird (a smaller one who darted around skittishly) and then ran back to protect his food.
A third bird (a starling) made an attempt to get to the food and while the large bird tried it run off, the second bird made a beeline for the food and after circling the plate for a while (chanting spells in Birdtalk I'm sure) finally pecked at the porridge and ate some.
The third bird seemed to have given up (after all, he didn't actually want the food at all).

Well, that's three species of bird in one small encounter, and all different sizes and colours and all. Makes you realise just how many types of birds are out there, doesn't it?

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