25 September 2009

Old Habits Die...Hard

Okay, that's supposed to mean it's hard to overcome bad habits...but what about it being hard to keep up good habits?
Like, oh, I don't know...posting?
Anyway, my old (and brief, let me add) habit of actually writing down ideas pertaining to the blog when I thought of them...died.
But, it has been resurrected by myself cleverly putting a notebook and pen once again beside my bed. (Did I mention I also killed it in the first place?)

Well, I had a brilliant idea for a story (I never use brilliant to describe any thing but my stories...good or bad thing?).
Sending it off to Writer's Forum just as soon as it's written, and scaring up some free advertising at the same time. But that's what occurred to me just now... if I say on the blog, I'm going to get free advertising...
Maybe they will figure out what I am doing, and not publish the blog link. Maybe they won't wise up to it, but rather will go to the blog to check it out...and find my confession of trying to get free advertising!
Anyway, I don't really mind if they don't print the link, I will just comment on others' blogs to publicise.

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