25 September 2009

Blackberries and Photos

I have finally figured out how to re-size an image so that I can post it, and it will be reasonably sized in the post.
Now I will be adding images to my previous posts as well as starting to put them in new posts. In my opinion, a blog without pictures can be boring, and pictures help give you a"picture" of the author. I am not a hypocrite, I haven't been able to size the pictures correctly to post them until now.
I thought I would use one of my favourite pictures, taken recently, featuring some of the blackberries we picked. We froze then to be used at a later date, and when that date came, they looked beautiful.
They were frosted with little crystals of ice, and looked magical. I was surprised, as they had been frozen in a Tupperware-ish container.
Just another one of those things that are so beautiful and intricate upon closer examination.

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