26 November 2010

No, This Doesn't Have a Title

Yesterday I was feeling terribly down; my friends and I were feeling low and then I got a phone call that was quite depressing, and then a raven landed next to me as I walked down Shop Street.
Today wasn't great but after school I walked to town with my friend and we had a nice talk and then we saw the sweetest little black cat and stroked her (she was silky soft).
Then, about twenty minuets ago DD came inside, opened the curtain, and turned off the light. It was snowing! Not even December yet and it was snowing!
I love snow.


sukipoet said...

sorry to hear you have been down. hope some cheer comes your way soon. Shop street. What a great name or did you make it up? I love it when I read about "the High Street" in British novels.

Aoife.Troxel said...

No, that's the name of the street, (also, it flows onto High Street!). It's the main shopping street in Galway city, right in the CBD.