13 December 2009

Christmas Crones

I just used a random word generator, which is actually cool if you can't think of anything to blog (or write) about.
The word is glockenspiel, which I figured was some sort of doppelgänger or something of that nature, wizened, wrinkled and witchy maybe. However, I was surprised to find that it was a musical instrument, rather like a xylophone.
Well, you learn something new every day (it's the old ting I forget that I worry about...such as that 'h'). The Germans do come up with some cool words, especially short ones that express complicated ideas (check out these cool German words; Schadenfreude and Verschlimmbesserung).

Two wizened crones crouched on a peak.
They squatted in between goat droppings and rocks.
Goats wove their paths around them, hardly noting the two.
They sat, and it seemed for eternity they never moved.
Then one twitched an eyebrow.
Suddenly, the other knew it was time.
Standing, she opened her mouth and wailed.
The goats ran hastily away from the racket, calling to the others as they rushed.
But the first took from her pocket a golden hammer.
And the second pulled from her cloak a glockenspiel.
The first drew up the hammer...
...the second wailed and screamed and the sound echoed through the mountains.
With a soft *ping* the hammer fell upon the glockenspiel.
The note trickled through the hills.
The goats twitched their ears and turned.
Slowly, slowly, but then faster, faster,
they began to walk toward the crones.
They ran toward them.
And the crones reached into their pockets and drew out food.
They scattered it across the ground.
The goats gobbled it.
A feast for Christmas.

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