30 October 2009


I was researching how to make paper at home, as I have always loved the look and feel of it, and love crafty things.
I am excited to try it, but I am missing a few ingredients...notably the frame. And a blender, which put together could be said to be two of the most important things needed for paper-making, besides the recycled paper or plant fibres of course.
I found quite a few good sites simply by searching "how to make your own paper" in a Google search.
The best sites I found are here:
  • Most of them said pretty much the same thing, such as these two, which give step-by-step instructions. This one was good as it listed the types of paper you could use, while this one used more readily available ingredients.
  • I liked this one, from wikihow, as it included a video, although I didn't watch it. It also had helpful pictures.
  • Those pictures were likely stolen from here, which was extremely fascinating on the history of paper. I would recommend reading it before you get started, just to have an overview of paper.
  • However, this set of images from Flickr had proved to be the most informative and easy to follow set of instructions. It had a picture for every step, along with helpful notes. A very good job, B_Zedan.
I really want to make some of this paper, then bind it in a book.

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